Neutrify is a web browser extension that helps to educate and influence online shoppers to make smarter, sustainable food choices.

Jan 2021 (48 hours)
Iris (PM)
Neethan (Backend Eng)
Kent (Frontend + Marketing)
Figma, Zoom
During the Hack the North Hackathon at the University of Waterloo, I virtually teamed up with some awesome people to create a chrome extension that aims to educate and improve carbon impact while shopping for online groceries.
+ Climate Change Fund - 2nd place
+ 10KE - Semi-finalists
+ Food Systems Game Changers Lab - Selected to participate in startup incubator
Product Designer & HTML/CSS

In the US, aound 80-90% of water consumption is dedicated to agriculture production.

Animal agriculture is responsible for 18% of all greenhouse gases, with methane (waste product of livestock) being much more destructive than CO2.

Livestock rearing and meat processing are responsible for 30% of the greenhouse emissions in the world.

Statistics are from Environmental Impact of Meat Consumption
The challenge

How might we design a product that helps people make more carbon friendly choices when online grocery shopping?

Understanding the problem
Who: Individuals aged between 18-30 (66 replies)
How: Google forms
To gather the mindsets, contexts and behaviours people have towards online grocery shopping and making carbon friendly food choices

Market Research
Who: Competitors including EcoCart, Neutral, Carbonly
How: Competitive analysis
To understand how other browser extensions are tackling the issue of user education and encouraging users to make carbon friendly purchasing decisions

Sustainability is an abstract concept: While people tend to care about the mission of being carbon friendly, the execution is much murkier because it's difficult to grasp the accumulation of your actions in an environmental sense (eg. how much did you recycle per year)

People like monetary rewards: Monetary rewards had a greater reaction than educational rewards when asked about what would attract people to use this browser extension.

Convenience over everything: Behaviours are difficult to change, because we value convenience over many things. In the case of making carbon friendly food choices while online shopping, there are multiple barriers including lack of awareness, motivation, incentive, people still tend to shop in person, etc.
What's next?
And that was a wrap within 48 hours! Now, we're working as a community venture to learn and build this chrome extension together.

We'll be launching our website and chrome extension soon.
Thanks for reading!
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