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Quorum (YC2019) is an integrated consumer app for individuals to monetize and manage their creative services.

Summer 2020
Patrick (Eng)
David (Eng)
Romy (Eng)
Figma, Notion
Over the summer of 2020, I designed at an early-stage YC startup. They had recently pivoted, and was focused on delivering an app with built-in services such as subscriptions, payments and chat monitoring.

I joined as a contract designer working on their UX & UI design, and I conceptualized their first UI iteration.

You can check out Quorum here.
Quorum has received $2+ million in seed funding after this collaboration.
Product Designer (contract)
+ UI Design
+ UX Design (onboarding flow)
+ Initial branding concept
The challenge

How might we design a chat app with community management and payments in mind?

Passion Economy?
Understanding the scope
Passion economy: This referred to as the "creator stack", or also defined as "new platforms [that] allows anyone to monetize [their] unique skills". Think coaching services, content creators and Substack.

You can read more about the passion economy here.

Primary users: Quorum catered towards community builders/creators that already had a client list, such as coaches.

The problem: Without a standalone platform for creators to manage, track and get paid, someone like Jane often had to share her personal social media or contact info to strangers. In addition, there was no easy way to track who has paid or ensure payment, as well as manage her client groups.

Things were getting messy and frustrating, and Quorum wanted to change that.
Final Designs
What's next?
Quorum is currently building their next version of the app.

With that said, I'm happy to chat more about my experience. (Or you can try it out - click to visit app stores!)
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